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See Why They Dumped Their CNC & Switched to an SNX nVentor Router

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A customer contacted us saying they couldn't get good quality parts off their "popular" brand CNC router on solid surface materials. They were interested in knowing if SNX had a solution. We asked for some of their panels to test and did a quick demo using one of our nVentor Industrial CNC Routers

You Can See Why Our Results Amazed Them!

In the first pass, it was clear the SNX had the "edge" in quality. The customer was shocked, to say the least. Our nVentor beat the other guy's machine by a long shot in creating consistently smoother shapes without the nasty jaggies they were getting before. The radius corners our CNC made looked incredibly better with the kind of precision they could feel and see.

They ditched the previous CNC and installed an SNX nVentor in its place. Now they get parts with visibly better appeal. Their rework and scrap rate plummeted and their end customers are happy. A win-win all around.

Which machine made the bad parts? You know you want to know. We'll be glad to give you the whole story. Simply contact Jeremy Manea at SNX:

M: 320.267.7884

E: jeremy.manea@snxtechnologies.com



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