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#1 QUESTION; What is the tightest INSIDE radius you can band with an nVision contour bander?

7 Benefits of Edge Band Spray Chemicals, 1 Great Way to Save Money on Them

One of the more recent trends for straight line edge banders is the introduction of cleaning, anti-static and glue separating chemicals. These quick-drying liquid agents are introduced onto part panels by means of misting sprayers. Panels may be sprayed on top, bottom, or both sides as they travel through the various stations of an edge bander. The tremendous rise in edge band chemical.

See Why They Dumped Their CNC & Switched to an SNX nVentor Router

A customer contacted us saying they couldn't get good quality parts off their "popular" brand CNC router on solid surface materials. They were interested in knowing if SNX had a solution. We asked for some of their panels to test and did a quick demo using one of our nVentor Industrial CNC Routers

Maybe It’s Time to Move Your Shaped Closed Parts to a Production Work Cell


We understand. You’ve spent years honing your shop’s ability to process closet (and storage organizer) parts. It’s what you love to do and you do it well. Maybe you even have the word “closet” in your company name emblazoned over the front door.

8 Things Woodworking Exhibitors Wish Attendees Knew

Tradeshows, industry fairs, and professional seminars are essential for woodworkers to gain profitable insights on where our industry is going and what the latest technologies will be needed to meet the challenges. With our longer times spent in setting up booths and navigating halls, exhibitors like SNX notice tips that might make the experience you attendees have better and more pleasant..

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